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If you've ever purchased a product or a service, you are a consumer, and you have rights. Many people aren't aware of this and are therefore taken advantage of by businesses and corporations. But it's time to stand up and protect your rights. Depend on Advocates for Consumer Rights to remain by your side and help you through the process. We offer assistance and public information with the aim of righting wrongs imposed on consumers by Debt Dispute Companies, Debt Settlement Companies, Law Firms, and Creditors. There are many basic guidelines that these institutions are simply not following, and we do not want to see anyone fall prey to unfair business tactics. Some of these companies even target consumers who are dealing with hardship and put them into more difficult situations—all under the guise of helping. We will not stand for this. Contact us to learn more about consumer rights protection.

How We Can Help

Rely on us to help you reach an amicable resolution with these companies. We offer assistance in filing all applicable Attorney General Complaints, Federal Trade Commission Complaints (FTC), BBB Complaints, and Consumer Protection Bureau (CPB) Complaints. We also assist, per the consumer's request, complaints with the State Bar Association against any Attorney and/or Law Firm. We can review Debt Settlement Agreements for any discrepancies on fair and legal services and breach of contract by the company you entered into an agreement with. Finally, through a Limited Power of Attorney, we assist the consumer with mediating a resolution with the Debt Settlement Company or Law Firm that you entered into an agreement with. We understand that the Debt Settlement Companies and Law Firms should earn income from work that they performed; however, it is our goal to make sure that those fees are fair, reasonable, legal and appropriate to the actual work performed and documented.

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About Us

For the past seven years, Advocates for Consumer Rights has lived up to our name by consistently and effectively advocating for consumer rights. As an organization, we have more than 19 years of experience in this industry. Throughout the years, we've seen firsthand the damage that unethical companies can do to unsuspecting consumers, including plunging these people into worse debt, stress, or disarray. That's why it's our mission to ensure consumer's rights are publically available and ensure they have the options and information needed to act and enforce their rights.

Every state has different laws when it comes to these matters. Our team has taken the time to understand all these intricate details. We'll help you learn which rules, regulations, and laws apply to you. It is our goal to spread public knowledge to help protect consumers and give them the resources they need to help themselves. Call us today.

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