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Educating & Protecting Through Customized Options
Based On Your Personal Circumstances

Are you tired of the same old...

  • Debt Settlement Programs that everyone is offering?
  • Is there something about these programs that make you feel uncomfortable?
  • Is it difficult to have all of your questions answered and to determine exactly what their fees are over the term of the program?
  • Are you uncomfortable when asked by these debt settlement companies or law firms to provide your personal checking information?
  • Are you concerned about ruining your credit, unnecessary charge-offs, default judgements, garnishments, and wage levies?
  • Are you concerned about the length of the program and the financial burdens placed upon you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're like thousands of other consumers who recognize this may not be in their best interest. A cookie cutter approach to every consumer within a fixed program based only on the total debt amount will always leave the individual consumer and their family within a limited and frustrated position. The true heartache and difficulties are yet to come.

If you've already made the mistake and enrolled into one of these debt settlement fee based programs, we can help. All is not lost.

Every consumer, young and old, should be entitled to a customized debt resolution plan.

Customizing a plan for you would only require the following:

  • Hardships
  • Age
  • Validation of Debt (VOD)
  • Fixed Income or Not
  • Medical Issues or Concerns
  • HIPAA Laws (Medical Violations)
  • List of the Creditors
  • Collection Agencies
  • Credit Bureau (Dispute Letters)
  • Debt Buyers
  • Negative Credit/Correction
  • Erroneous, Obsolete, or Outdated Information

A short term customized plan will be provided to you in the initial consultation.

True debt resolution requires a customized program to determine what exemptions, protections, and exceptions you may qualify for and none of the terms and conditions that the debt settlement company require are necessary. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I was able to get my money back from a Debt Settlement law center that provided no services and only put me further into debt. Without A4CP I would still be in debt and in total despair. I wish others could learn about their options as were explained to me.
Dennis White

A4CP, helped settle my debt and trusted me to save my money which I did. I never worried about my money and I approved every settlement before it occurred. I saved thousands of dollars and have been able to have my credit reports updated to show a zero balance owed. It feels great to no longer be in debt.
Tuan Le

Advocates 4 consumer protections was able to help educate myself and my husband which allowed us to settle a property lien, car repossession for my son and to settle our credit card debts for a fraction of the balances owed. I don’t know how many times I cried to my representative about my problems. I have referred my family and friends to better cope with their credit card debt/
Kay Miller
Mc Queeney TX

As a bankruptcy attorney I thought I understood the debt settlement industry. I enrolled with a national debt settlement company and became very concerned with the lack of results after 1 year. A4CP helped me cancel the enrollment agreement and we settled all of my debts within 1 yr. I was finally able to gain financial control and learned many valuable lessons. There are no words to describe the work and personal care there staff provided me.
Thomas Foy
Lake Grove, NY

I had collection debt and with a fixed income was unable to pay them the money they wanted. I was provided with the self reliant planning & educational action packets. I discovered my rights under the fair debt collection practices act and was able to stop the harassing calls. I’ve since settled with these collection companies and advocates 4 consumer protection helped me with the forgiven debt. Thanks to my new friends at Advocates4consumerprotection.
Rafael Hernandez
Buxton, ME

Take Control of Your Unsecured Debt or Legal Difficulties

Resolve your unsecured debts and legal difficulties. Fight back against debt collection agencies that use underhanded and misleading tactics. Advocates4ConsumerProtection helps you resolve bad decisions or choices (example: enrollment into debt settlement companies, debt management, or credit counseling programs). You have rights and you are not bound to any conditions or contracts with these companies. Manage your finances more effectively, understand what protections and government exemptions you may qualify for, to reduce or pay off your debt in six to twelve months or less. Let's discuss your hardship and provide you with the knowledge and expertise that everyone should be entitled to.


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About Us

Receive help from people who understand the ins and outs of debt management, the tactics utilized by collection agencies, and the best ways to correct your credit reports or prevent negative credit. Advocates 4 Consumer Protection is comprised of people who want to see you flourish financially. Based in Garden Grove, California, we have helped people like yourself throughout the nation resolve their debt and take back control of their finances for over 19 years.

Unlike all of the debt settlement companies, we do not require you to relinquish control over your bank accounts, give us power of attorney over your assets, or establish a 3rd party trust account holding your personal funds. Our ultimate goal is to help educate and empower you the consumer to become debt-free within six to twelve months and to protect the integrity of your credit. With our credit correction and debt validation services, we provide additional options when customizing your personal plan or program. We have no upfront or monthly fees, and our products and services are customized to fit the budget of every individual consumer. This ensures you the consumer maintain complete control over your finances and every decision prior to implementation.

Upon satisfactory completion of our debt resolution program and credit correction, we offer optional Bible studies for individuals seeking Scriptural Truths.

Mission Statement

We provide an analysis and assessment of your personal hardship to determine what Exemptions, Exceptions, and Protections you may qualify for. Self-Reliant Planning & Educational Action Packets (DIY) are optional.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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